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The corporation between Jordan and Arab Contries Geogrphic organizations is

About RJGC

Based on the country's need for a national institution, which will be responsible for conducting all kinds of surveying (terrestrial, air and space) for the purposes of the preparation of all types of maps in using local and international standards to meet the needs of the Kingdom, and to provide services in these areas at the local and regional levels, came the foundation of the Royal Jordanian Geographic Center (RJGC) in the second half of 1975, as the first scientific institution specialized of its kind in the region.

In order that the Royal Jordanian Geographic Centre  could be able to implement the entrusted tasks and duties, it was necessary to provide technical competencies specialized qualified and trained personals, through the help of advanced countries in this area, like France by sending a large number of outstanding students in the Secondary General Certificate to study at the National French geographic Institute (IGN) to graduate as engineers and technicians in the surveying  science, and in the meantime a specialized training center was founded at the RJGC premises to grant a diploma of three Academic years in the disciplines of surveying,  photogrammetry and cartography, and mapping reproduction (photography & printings), where the Training Centre was converted later into a university community college  and the college was effectively contributed in providing RJGC, public and private sectors in Jordan and the Arab Gulf with their needs of specialized technicians qualified and trained in surveying, photogrammetry & cartography, remote sensing and geographic information systems.

The Royal Jordanian Geographic Centre is keen to modernize and update its technical abilities (hardware, software, equipments) and develop its technical skills to be able to meet the needs and requirements of the development taking place in our country , and to be a Centre of excellence at regional and international levels in the fields of surveying sciences, both in terms of production, training, conducting researches and related studies, particularly the applied ones, through the rehabilitation of the employees and acquiring the latest technology in geospatial sciences  to keep RJGC always in high level of readiness, efficiency and professionalism.